Task Simple

Architect and Project Manager, Gustilo Software


Task Simple – Life is complex. Managing your tasks shouldn’t be.

Task Simple is task management application. It places your tasks front and center. With a quick right or left swipe, you can navigate through your various projects. You can also see a summary list of all your completed tasks. Task Simple even integrates your calendar into your lists.

To reorganize your tasks, just touch and drag, or simply hit the “later” button. To edit tasks, tap once.

One of the most powerful features of Task Simple are user-defined “Data Views”, ordered collections of tags. For example, you could create a “Data View” to organize your tasks by type of activity, like Email, Computer, Errands, etc. Once a “Data View” is defined and enabled, you can access them by tapping on a project title. Each time you select a “Data View,” your tasks are instantly reorganized. See your tasks your way.

Available on the App Store.